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The Urban Community Research Center for Asia (UCRCA) is an international, independent, interdisciplinary policy research center dedicated to the progress of democracy and civil society throughout the world.

The UCRCA began in 2009 as a research project under the auspices of Kwansei Gakuin University in order to identify, analyze, and promote better solutions for urban communities in Asia. After retiring as a professor in 2013, UCRCA Director Makiko Ueno, re-launched the project as an independent corporation located in Nagoya, Japan.

Our Vision:

Community is our future: help the community think, help the community act.

The 21st Century is the era for pursuing democracy and strengthening civil society so they thrive in the world. In order to ensure that democracy and civil society progress, citizens everywhere must be empowered – especially women, children, and the elderly –, so they can obtain the freedom and ability to pursue their dreams. In order to strengthen civil society, citizens must commit to and participate in creating a social vision and the policies to sustain it. This is why people should acquire the knowledge and skills for policy making, which is more achievable now that rapid advances in technology make the information and tools of policy-making more accessible around the world.

UCRCA believes there are two approaches toward to strengthening civil society and its policy process: First, think globally and make better policies based on studies and research conducted by think tanks and the policy research industry. Second, we want to cultivate individuals, families, and communities, without which we will never find the solution. UCRCA is committed to finding ways to solve a small individual issues as well as larger, collective, policy issues. Integrate these two approaches and we may find better solutions, bringing us closer to achieving social justice.

Institute NameUrban Community Research Center for Asia(UCRCA)
DirectorMakiko Ueno