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Project Description

In the 21st century, civil societies must have an industry for policy research. One of the most significant trends of policy making in the U.S. and several developed countries is the introduction of policy research - analysis, and evaluation – to the policy making process.
Scientific and pragmatic approaches toward policy making will reduce some of the uncertainty in policy making.
The development of theory and methods of policy engineering is one of the serious challenges UCRCA is currently undertaking

Project Articles

Increasing Women Researchers in Science and Engineering



Think Tank Industry in US and Program Evaluation: Recent Trend




One Percent Set-aside Money for Policy Evaluation: Hiatorical Meaning in US Policy Industry




Rules of Policy Analysis and Evaluation Studies in Parliamentary Budget Office.


Roles of Policy Analysis and Evaluation Studies in Parliamentary Budget Office by Ueno, Hiroshi Ph.D.

Policy Engineering: the concept, theory and practical methods

The Policy Engineering is a new word and a new concept, which is proposed by Dr. Hiroshi Ueno, Research Advisor of UCRCA. The Policy Engineering is a new tool necessary and useful for better policy making in a democracy. This brief introduction explains its concept, theory, and practical methods/tools for making better policy. UCRCA will engage in and present it as one of our long term research mission.

An Institutional Model for Japan:Capacity to Budget

A strong market democracy needs the capacity to budget, because budgeting is the most important mechanism for attaining national policy goals. Allowing people to participate in the budget process is a key ingredient in creating a resilient democracy. In the early 21st century, Japan is facing enormous economic and social problems that should be debated using solid analysis and the input of a broad range of policy views. Japan?s budget situation is especially alarming in both the short and the long run. Japan does not now have the institutions necessary to address and resolve these problems effectively.