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CBYL Program (Community Building Youth Leadership Program)

In 2010, we start CBYL Program (Community Building Youth Leadership Program) with Zorig Foundation. We will think about community building with #58 high school students in Dambaadarja area within Ulan Bator.

Program Purpose

Community driven development is the most meaningful and effective planning methods for the betterment of communities. Based on our former 4 training/study tours, we propose a program intend to build a strong students' capacity for the future community leaders.

Collaboration and Organizations

Zorig Foundation, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
UCRCA & Ueno-seminar, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
#58 School, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


1. Setting up a ?Community Building Youth Leadership Club? at #58 school
2. Raising awareness of building a good community means better lives for all and for the future. Making a campaign and movement: ?Safe, Clean, and Green Dambadarjaa?
3. Fall Festival: Cleanup Dambadarjaa day in September, with #58 students and Ueno seminar students. At #58 School.

Presentations: living in a urban community
Clean house, community, and environment
Healthy family, healthy community
Collect Garbage in and around the school.
Plant vegetables, flowers, and trees in and around the school
Food Corner

4. Group discussions through Skype,
5. Workshops, Idea competition: Creating Image-map and Image-community
6. Provide scholarship for Club members

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