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UCRCA Members

Organizational Configuration

DirectorMakiko Ueno
Assistant DirectorKeiko Ono
AdviserHiroshi Ueno
Senior Research FellowMakikoUeno
Ono Keiko
Sachiko Wakasugi
Kimiko Shimasue
Daisuke Akutsu
Yuta Shibatsuji
AssociateMasafumi Ueta
Yui Watanabe

Member's Profile


Makiko Ueno

Dr. Ueno's research has focused on housing policy, the nonprofit sector and think tank industry, and policy analysis and evaluation, with a special emphasis on bridging ideas between the United States and Japan.Until March 2013, she worked at Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan teaching policy study and research, nonprofits, and urban and housing policy including a research issue of urbanization problems in Mongolia. After the 2011 Tohoku Region Pacific Earthquake, she is helping to revive one of the disaster area, Ohshima, Kesennuma-city, with her colleagues and students, continuously.

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Hiroshi Ueno

Currently: Research Advisor, Urban Community Research Center for Asia (UCRCA), Aichi-ken, JAPAN
Research Advisor, International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ), Tokyo, JAPAN
Permanent Expert, International Development Associates, Tokyo, JAPAN

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Senior Research Fellow

Keiko Ono

Sachiko Wakasugi

Dr. of Engineering & Community Planner Dr. Wakasugi focused on theory and practice of participatory planning for many urban communities. She founded the first women planners network in Tokyo. After suffered from a stroke, she has been expanding the planning issues for disabled and elderlies.

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Kimiko Shimasue

Daisuke Akutsu

Mr. Akutsu has been working on a human resource development and placement service for private companies.
Founded in 2015, Enclave Japan’s mission is to help and encourage immigrants to live and work in Japan.
He believes immigrants are an invaluable resource for strengthening aging Japan as the country struggles with its increasing number of senior citizens and decreasing population.