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Project Description

The existence of a strong nonprofit sector is a necessity for democratic civil society. Society must have independent policy research institutions, such as nonprofit think tanks in the U.S.
The Diet needs its own policy research and analysis institutions similar to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Government Accountability Office (GAO). The existence of a strong, competitive think tank industry is a necessity of a democracy.

NPO/NGO Information Sheet

UCRCA has created NPO/NGO Information Sheet, and is constructing a database of NPOs and NGOs in Asian countries.You can download the sheet here.

Project Articles

An Institution Model for Reforming Japan: Capacity to Budget Publication Series 2014. III. NPO Thin

予算は国家政策目標を達成するための重要なメカニズムであり、予算編成能力こそが健全な市場民主主義に必要なものといえる。国家統治能力は予算作成能力である。経済開発協力機構(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development、OECD)は、「予算は国の経済や社会の優先性に影響を与えるひとつの最も重要な政策手段である。政策の目標が一致調和され具体的に考えられるのは予算プロセスにおいてである。予算編成においては、部分と全体との関係や税と支出のつながり、そして公共資源を競う要求間の優先付けといったことに留意しなければならない。(2002年OECD)。深い配慮のない予算においては、政府は需要(ニーズ)と資源(リソース)、資産、負債をうまく均衡させることは出来ない。

For the Students of Policy Studies: Remembering a message by the late Robert S. McNamara

For the Students of Policy Studies:Remembering a message by the late Robert S. McNamara.

What Is Missing in Japan?s Budget Policy Debates: Institution, Policy Analysis, and Policy Analysts

A nation?s capacity to govern depends on its capacity to budget. The budget is the most
important policy vehicle for affecting countries? economic and social priorities. The US public?s
strong participation in the budget process (via citizens? groups, think tanks and congressional
representatives) is the most resilient part of American democracy. The important step to
democratizing the budgeting process in the United States was the creation of a non-partisan,
independent, policy analysis institution: the Congressional Budget Offi ce (CBO).
The legislature can infl uence the budget by asking substantial questions and by debating priorities based on information provided by CBO.
These critical arguments are imperative in the budgeting process.
For democratic policy debates, policy-makers, especially…

The Nature Conservancy Mongolia program

Osaka, Japan October 27, 2010 The Nature Conservancy Mongolia program Enkhtuya Oidov, director

Urbanization and ger area

PUREV-ERDENE. Ershuu Architecture department Civil Engineering School Mongolian University of Science and Technology